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Bucket List -Volume 2

New Years is often when people commit themselves to new goals, they wish to achieve this year. Whether those goals are financial, relationship, or physical fitness oriented; with commitment, any goal is achievable. While many goals may seem daunting, an excellent strategy for achieving them is to break down each of these goals into a series of small steps needed to achieve them and then ensure these small steps are consistently taken. Consistency is crucial but once these steps are taken, the goal will be reached before you realize it. For example: for someone who wishes to lose 50 pounds; this goal seems too large initially but can be broken down into a series of steps such as eating a healthy lunch each day, going to the gym 5 times a week, taking the stairs, etc. I know this is true from firsthand experience as several years ago, weight loss was one of the goals I had set and achieved for myself and it kick started many of the goals I have set and achieved in the following years, including this very blog. With the New Year’s having recently passed, I thought this week would be an excellent time to create another article sharing my personal travel bucket list goals.

Hike the Annapurna Trek in Nepal

I will start off this list with what is the current top ranked item on my bucket list and a personal dream trip that I intend on taking in the next few years. This hike is among the highest ranked trails in the world and takes hikers through the heart of the Himalayan Mountains. This is a must for anyone who finds themselves drawn to mountain vistas. A guided service can be acquired that will allow visitors to spend two weeks on this trek, hiking from monastery to monetary while being surrounded by the tallest mountains in the world. A licensed and trust-worthy guide are a must for this trail due to the isolation along the path creating limited amenities that travelers can rely on if they are lost. This is a very dangerous hike to take on your own and would not be one I recommend for experienced hikers. Even individuals in top physical condition and hiking experience can easily find themselves in a difficult situation if an unexpected event occurs. For all these reasons, a guided group hike is the best way to tackle this bucket list item. From seeing the mountains towering to the sky with snow capped peaks during the day to seeing the stars overhead at night; this adventure will be a life changing trip for anyone who is able to embark on it. The closest major international airport for visitors would be in Kathmandu which will be the most likely city where your guides will meet you before chartering a private flight to the Annapurna trailhead. If you do not have a guide setup already, there will several options that can be found in this city. The city itself also has much to offer tourist who want to embark on a spiritual retreat as Katmandu is known as one of the world’s top centers for mediation and holistic healing.

Attend Carnival in Rio de Jannero in Brazil

Travel is about more than taking in amazing scenery. It is also about losing yourself in the activities and festivities of other cultures. Many countries around the world feature extravagant festivals with Carnival in Brazil being amongst the most well known of these. This a cultural experience for anyone who wants to immerse themselves into a city-wide celebration. The costumes are colorful, the drinks are flowing, and merriment is had by all. Known as one of the largest parties in the world, experiencing Carnival in Rio is a must for anyone looking to lose themselves in a different culture. Rio de Jannero is also considered one of the most scenic cities in the world with iconic structures such as the statue of Jesus Christ overlooking the city below. There are also many options in Brazil that would be excellent additions to a trip once Carnival ends such as a river cruise down the Amazon River or some hiking into the Amazon Rain Forest. Between the huge white sand beaches and sultry bikinis, Brazil is also known for its thriving beaches. No matter how you chose to explore this amazing country, there are adventures to be had around every corner.

Have Pizza and Gelato in Italy

In addition to a country’s festivals, another excellent method to immerse yourself into a culture is through its food. Many countries around the world are known for having specific dishes, especially once those dishes become popular worldwide. For those readers in the US, I am sure you are aware of several states here at home that known for specific dishes that is a must try for first time visitors. Whether it’s a slice of New York Pizza, Maine Lobster Roll, or New Orleans Po’boy; these culinary treasures have been icons of their city’s’. While I have had the privilege of trying most regional US dishes, I would love the opportunity to expand my culinary palette internationally. Some of the choice items that I would love to try are sushi in Japan, Adobo from the Philippines, or a Charcuterie Board in Paris; but the one I want to highlight today is a pizza and a gelato from Italy. While I grew up in the Northeast with New York style pizza, I would love to try a slice from the homeplace of this menu item that has spread across the world. Washing down a slice of pizza with a cappuccino and gelato in Italy would be the cherry on top of this treat. Italy is a historic country with so many treasures to see once you had your fill of pizza. Whether it’s the canals of Venice or the ruins in Rome; travelers can easily spend weeks in this country without being able to see a fraction of what this nation offers.

Raft through the Grand Canyon

Our next adventure is for those readers who want a big more adventure in their travels. I have traveled to the Grand Canyon twice in my life and have been able to enjoy several of the parks hiking trails located on the south Rim. Both the South Kaibab and Bright Angel trails are hiking trips worthy of any bucket list. The view of the canyon walls rising above you and the desert terrain sprawling out in front is a sight to behold. However, I would love to return to this park and gain a new respective of this wonder. This time I would like to see the park from the Colorado River miles below the canyon’s rim and be able to see the full scope of the canyon’s immense size. Depending on the start and stop points, this can be done either via multiday or multiweek adventure with licensed guides required. A rafting adventure such as this would require camping within the Grand Canyon itself which is a treat on its own. Between the isolated region with limited light pollution and the naturally dry air of the desert, the Grand Canyon provides an amazing star gazing opportunity where the milky way can easily be seen when there is no moon present.

A couple of years ago, I sat down and created a 100-item bucket list for myself. These are a few of the items that were on the list but there are clearly many more I have not yet talked about. While a large portion of my personal bucket list involves adventures and travel; there are several items that involve acquiring new skills, career goals, and financial milestones. I would like to encourage all my readers to create such a list for yourself. I truly believe this is an amazing thought process that will help you realize what you truly want to accomplish in life. Once you have a list of what your top goals in life are, it becomes far easier to begin a real game plan for how to begin crossing these items of your list. There is no goal that is out of reach of an individual. Most goals can be broken down into a series of small steps that each person can do to finally reach their targets. Once a goal is broken down into small steps; I can assure you from personal experience that all goals become very attainable.

I am overjoyed to have shared a few items of my bucket list with my readers so far and I hope to be able to share the stories from these locations once I cross them off my personal bucket list in due time. But those are stories for another day…


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